From mini shorts to long-sleeved shirts, the FarmaCell MASSAGE undergarments create massaging effects because they have been designed with both raised and smooth areas and as the body moves, they also help combat cellulite. Many articles have a silver hygienic and antibacterial insert.

logo-micro MICROFIBER

breathable, able to maintain body warmth, soft, lightweight, and elastic FarmaCell articles.

logo-milk MILK

FarmaCell garments, made with milk fibre, have a massaging, moisturising, and softening effect. This revolutionary new fibre, derived from milk proteins through their amino acid components, generates a stable bond, which gives the skin a nourished and soft look, providing more hydration and making the skin soft and smooth.

logo-silver SILVER

the pure silver patented wire protects the skin against bacteria and is a highly hygienic. The garment has been constructed in such a way as to allow the skin to come into direct contact with the silver.